2016/2017 UNN DIRECT ENTRY [DE] ADMISSIONS: Registration Form Now on Sale

JAMB Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form Now on Sale

All 2016/2017 Direct Entry admission candidates are hereby informed that the JAMB 2016/2017 Direct Entry e-Registration has commenced.
The sales of scratch cards for the direct entry registration has commenced and is expected to end sometime in June 2016 while registration also ends about the same period.

2016/2017 Direct Entry Candidates can now process their registration on the JAMB Direct Entry 2016 e-Registration Portal via the link below;

>>Direct Entry 2016 e-Registration Portal<<

It is worthy of note that it’s now a compulsory requirement for candidates seeking Direct-Entry Admission into any Nigerian university to register with the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) before any admission offered could be deemed authentic.
Who Should Buy a JAMB Direct Entry Form?
Note that Direct Entry Admission is exclusively reserved for admission seekers who already possess certain higher qualifications and wish to go for a degree programme. If you do not possess the minimum DE entry requirement for the Institution and Course you want to study (including SSCE certificate), you are advised not to go for the form. Those qualified to buy 2016 JAMB DE form are
1. Students who have acquired any of the following qualifications:
 – Ordinary National Diploma certificate (OND)
– Higher National Diploma Certificate (HND)
– GCE A’Level, HSC, DALF certificate
– An acceptable Baccalaureate certificate – NCE
– Institute of Chartered accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)
or equivalents of these from accredited Polytechnics and colleges of education.
2. Students who wish to obtain a Degree (B.SC) from a Nigerian University.
3. Students whose cumulative grade point average (CGPA) meets the requirement for the intended course of study

Normally, candidates who gain admission into the University through DE start from 200 level except for a few departments/courses in some schools that insist that DE students must start from 100 level with UTME students.

Where can JAMB Direct Entry Forms 2016/2017 be purchased?

JAMB Direct Entry Registration is done ONLINE and as such requires a Scratch Card.

The E-Registrations scratch cards are available at all branches of designated banks and JAMB Offices nationwide.

NOTE: It is different from the Regular JAMB UTME scratch cards.

How Much is JAMB Direct Entry 2016/2017 Scratch Card?

The scratch card required for registration on the JAMB portal costs Five Thousand Naira Only (5,000). The Cyber cafe or registration center that processes your online form may charge an additional 700 Naira. Ensure that they take you through Biometric Data Capture as you get registered.
If you are aspiring to gain admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) through Direct Entry this year, it is very important that you obtain a copy of SURE SUCCESS UNN Admission Preparatory Handbook. The book is widely acclaimed as the best, most complete and comprehensive UNN Admission Preparatory Handbook available. It is specially designed for you as it contains everything requisite for the actualization of your admission dreams.
The book features include:
  • Live and Up-to-date UNN Post UTME and DE Screening Past Questions and Answers solved in the most practical and learning-friendly ways.
  • Quick Subject Revision Aids/2014 Likely DE Questions.
  • Winning Strategies For preparing for UNN post-UME and Direct Entry Screening Examinations.
  • Time-proven UNN Admission Success Secrets/Tips.
  • Powerful Keypoints and Summary of Notes on each Subject.
  • An overview of the recommended Poems, Prose, Drama and Fiction for Literature candidates aspiring for Law, Mass Comm., English/Literary Studies and so on.
  • Bonus Tips and Success Quotes.
  • Prophetic Prayers for Admission Success.

For more answers to the questions you may have concerning UNN DE Admissions and detailed explanation of the admission procedures and requirements, ClickHere. If you need further clarifications after reading that article, just post your question in the comment box below.Best wishes to you all…


344 Responses to 2016/2017 UNN DIRECT ENTRY [DE] ADMISSIONS: Registration Form Now on Sale

  1. ada says:

    Much much thanks Henry, I would be very happy if you tell me if my gp of 3.33 is or isn't enough for me to apply for direct entry into medicine?

  2. Thanks mr Henry. I want to know if 6-points can be accepted in the same institution to study Education and sos for direct entry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mr Henry,pls I want to know if its possible for someone wit HND upper credit in Microbiology can get admission into PHARMACY tru Direct entry in UNN..Pls,rasap.

    • Henry Divine says:

      Of course, with your upper credit in microbiology, you can gain admission into UNN to study pharmacy. It all depends on how well you are able to at the Direct Entry Screening exams and the interviews. Best wishes…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot HD, can I apply for UNN 2013 DE with awaiting OND result? Elevated106@yahoo.com

    • Henry Divine says:

      Elevation, Direct Entry Admission procedures are a bit more strict than normal admission via JAMB UTME. You will have to present the originals of the certificate you claim to have in an interview that comes after the screening test.
      I don't know the course you want to apply for but make sure the department accepts OND, if not, wait till you obtain your HND.
      Do your findings very well before you venture. Best wishes…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Greetings HD. 10ks 4 ur reply. The course I studied in my ND was public administration & I'l want to continue it or with Economics. Plz,I nid ur advice, do any of these departments accept OND? and what is their minimum acceptable CGPA on a 4point level? elevated106@yahoo.com

    • Henry Divine says:

      Direct Entry Candidates for Public Administration are to possess one of the following qualifications:

      [I] Two GCE (A/L) passes or its equivalent in any of the following subjects: Government, History, Economics, Business Management, Accounting and Geography plus UME requirement.

      [ii] OND from recognized institutions in Law, Secretarial Studies or its equivalent at merit level plus UME requirement.

      [iii] Diploma in Public Administration and Social Work of the University of Nigeria or Higher National Diploma of recognized institutions with a minimum of merit/lower credit level pass plus UME requirement.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear HD, does this imply that I'm not eligible to apply 4 Economics or Public Admin tru D.E in UNN? Plz kn u tel me, is der any oda course I kn apply 4. I dont have G.C.E A level, bt I made my WAEC O'level in 1 sitting. I nid ur advice plz. Elevated106

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please HD, do wel 2 post a reply 2 my last question, i'm waiting. Elevated106

    • Henry Divine says:

      Sorry for replying late. They accept HND with a minimum of merit/lower credit pass. Don't you think you need to wait and obtain it so that things will be easier and smoother for you???

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot Beloved, God has used U 2 spare me lots of stress. I'm gr8fl. May God in His infinite mercies keep u rapturable til He returns in Glory. His GRACE 2 U HD! Elevated106

  9. Anonymous says:

    please does unn accept upper credit in ond (from school of orthopaedic technology) for admission into medicine and surgery.

    • Henry Divine says:

      For Direct Entry Admission into Medicine and Surgery (UNN), candidates in addition to satisfying the UME requirements should also have 3 Advanced Level papers in Biology or Zoology, Chemistry and Physics in London GCE in one sitting.

      The Faculty also accepts B.Sc degree in related field of study for admission into the Five year standard programme.

      Hope you got that???

    • Dise Paulinus says:

      Pls can I get direct entry into 100 level in unn with one "D" and two "e's" in london GCE 'A level

  10. Anonymous says:

    Henry pls. I'm about processing my Transcript as a D.E Aspirant.

    pls WHAT address can i forward my transcript to?

  11. Anonymous says:

    pls how can I get unn direct entry past questions and how much is it sold?

    • Henry Divine says:

      I would direct you on how you can get SURE SUCCESS UNN Direct Entry Past Questions and Answers if you let me know where you are. You can give me a call when you can.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Henry, does UNN sell her own form apart from JAMB'S? Tnx 4 ur selfless service

    • Henry Divine says:

      When UNN announces the dates for her 2014/2015 Direct Entry Screening and interview, you would need to purchase the UNN DE pre-registration scratch card and do your online registration at UNN portal. Hope you got my point??

  13. Lawal says:

    Thanks for the info, sir. Pls, i would like to know if i can apply for DE in Medicine with my Rn qualification. Just graduated from the school of nursing with a fantastic result.

    • Henry Divine says:

      Give it a trial Lawal. Buy the form and do your registration. Work towards making a fantastic result in your UNN DE screening and the admission may be yours…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Good afternoon mr Henry,i must say you are doing a great job here, thanx once again. Plz sir i want to go for direct entry with my OND result in insurance{upper credit} but i dont knw how possible it is,for me to change to banking and finance or business addministration in UNN or Unizik,what i mean is their requirements. Thanx,waiting for your reply.

    • Henry Divine says:

      (i) Two A’ level passes chosen from Economics, Accounting, Business Management, Government and Geography.

      (ii) HND/OND/NCE in relevant fields.

      (iii) The following qualifications with UME requirements.
      (a) Complete pass in the Intermediate ICAN examination or equivalents;
      (b) Pass in final exams of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Pls mr Henry, is it possible for me to use my HND microbiology for direct entry for medicine. i graduated from yabatech. Samuel

    • Henry Divine says:

      Medicine and Surgery accepts:
      [I] Three A’ level passes in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Zoology plus UTME requirement.
      [ii] B.Sc in relevant fields.
      But you may wish to try out what you have. Best wishes….

  16. brown bon says:

    Henry u are wonderful. I have got a gp of 3.33 in applied biology from esut and I wish to study pharmacy in unn or if possible medicine. I heard u talk abt advance level physics and chemistry as requirements. Please tell me exactly between medicine and pharmacy which one will accept just my bsc and a nice o'level result

    • Henry Divine says:

      PHARMACY accepts:
      (i) Bachelor’s degree in any of Biological Sciences, Health Science and Technology, or Medical Sciences with a minimum of second class honours lower division plus UTME requirement.
      (ii) HND in Biological Sciences, Health Science and Technology or Medical sciences with a minimum of an upper credit plus UTME requirement.
      You can go for it…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sir, i have merit in social studies at nwafor orizu nsugbe and i want to apply 4 edu/sos at unn can they accept my result as direct entry

    • Henry Divine says:

      Yes, for Education Social Studies, UNN accepts NCE distinction, credit/merit passes in Social Studies Education in addition to TC II O’ Level credited in relevant subjects.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Henry Divine, thanks so much for your unprecedented gestures, your information is very helpful. Please, I need further help from you. I WANT TO KNOW IF UNN HAS STARTED SELLING THEIR DIRECT ENTRY ATTITUDE TEST SCRATCH CARD FOR 2013 CANDIDATES. Or if it is only the Jamb Direct Entry form that is out for now. Secondly, I want to know of those subjects that candidate seeking admission in accountancy department can answer questions from in the UNN ATTITUDE TEST. Thank you.

    • Henry Divine says:

      Thanks for writing in. UNN aptitude test scratch card for Direct Entry is not yet on sale. You will be testing based on the necessary UTME subject for Accountancy. Why not get a copy of SURE SUCCESS UNN Screening Past Questions and Answers to get an idea of what the question are like?? You can just click this link to access a comprehensive list of our nationwide distributors: >>SureSuccess Outlet Near Me<<

  19. Anonymous says:

    Pls is there exams after d registration?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Pls Sir, can l apply for direct entry using awaiting result into computer science department, cos my OND result is not yet out. I graduated from Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu. Pls Sir reply immediately.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks 4 d info. Does UNN accept OND for DE into mech engr dept? I wish to use awaiting result since my result is nt yet ready but wil be in 2 or 3 months time. I nid quick reply pls.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hello mr Henry,
    i just fnish my OND and the result will b out by August/september of this month can i apply for D.E. pls i need immediate answer

  23. Anonymous says:

    pls i wamt to know if unizik offers mass communication i want to apply for direct entry there and i dont know how to go about it

    • Henry Divine says:

      UNIZIK offers Mass Comm. If you want to apply for Direct Entry there, you go to JAMB office and purchase a JAMB DE scratch card. Do your registration on JAMB's DE registration portal. Once you are done, go back to JAMB office and submit duplicates of the required/necessary credentials. Then wait for UNIZIK to announce the details of their screening exercise.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Bravo mr henry 4 a work well done here…….i jst want 2 enquire if there is any course in unn i can apply for with my O.T.M certificat,upper credit

  25. Anonymous says:

    PLz Henry I just got info that the DE exam is coming up on the 19th of June, plz hw true is it?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Well,forst of all to start with,my name is DR.egesi kyrian zikora,an ex lion of this great UNN,a graduating class of 1990…wat brought me here is that my daughter was nt up to the normal UNN score wich is 200 and above and sum of my peers told me dat my great nsukka have reduced their cut off…pls henry,I really wants my daughter to study whr I studied and I also wants her to enter dis year….so,I nid ur advice if to enroll her into IMT poly,afta her ND she can enter or enroll her into ESut..- nid ur replies nw 4rm zik,abuja,nigeria

    • Henry Divine says:

      Hello Dr. Egesi. Thanks for writing in. You did not state your daughter's JAMB score or at least the range so that we can have an idea. UNN has not officially announced any reduction in their UTME cut-off mark for 2013 though there are very strong indications that the cut-off mark may be reduced. So, it is advisable that you wait for UNN to release her cut-off mark. That would determine whether she would be invited for the post-UTME screening exercise. Thereafter, you'd be in the best position to decide whether to enroll her in IMT or ESUT. Hope you got my point??

  27. umeh chinonyerem says:

    pls i filled awaiting result in my direct entry form due to the present strike which have delayed the release of my OND result, will it affect my admission into UNN? and will the original result be needed during the screening exam? thank you. finally wen is the DE screening exam coming up?

    • Henry Divine says:

      Thanks for writing in Umeh. The strike issue is really very disturbing. Since we don't know when the strike will be called off and when your result will be ready, I cannot objectively tell you how the awaiting result may affect your admission chances. Your original credentials may not be required during the screening exercise but will definitely be required during the interview. If you qualify for the interview but fail to present all the required originals of your credentials during the interview, you may not see your name in the admission list…
      The DE screening exam will come up sometime after post UTME screening exam. We may be able to get details sometime in July or so.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Sir, I gone through alot of yu gud wrks U're doin ma ?tion is can I apply 4 banking & finance with a strong low credit in unn. pls I nid yu kindly advise. Tank U sir.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hello Henry, thanks for the beautiful Job you are doing over there. Please I need your advice on this. I want to know if I will be eligible for direct entry into Medical laboratory science of UNN. I am a medical lab scientist. Please if UNN accepts medical lab scientist, tell me other requirements needed for admission. Thanks and God bless you

    • Henry Divine says:

      I'm not sure I got your question right. Did you say you are a Medical Lab Scientist?? How come you need admission into medical laboratory science UNN??? I'm a bit lost here, help!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sir henry, tanx and pls reply me,, i said i hav (OND) upper credit in pub admin 4rm IMT enugu, and i wish 2 study LAW in unn,, pls wat is my fate

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dear henry , I study ARCHITECTURE in my OND ,am afred of buying direct entry form because my ond result G.P is 2.40 , please advice me on what to do. Either to buy the form or to not.

    • Henry Divine says:

      Sorry replying a bit late. If the form is still on sale, you can go ahead and purchase it. Knowing you already have a low GP in your OND, you can work real hard to perform excellently in screening test and interview. If you do, you may be admitted..

  32. am so sori for my wrong typing,am just so curious to hear d reply…all i mean is dat how possible is it for me to use ma ond result in marketin to change public admin in oou…i just wana change my course.,..n if no…what other courses can i change into…plz mr henry i need ur ansa plzzzz

    • Henry Divine says:

      Hello Scumboi! I think it will just be nice if you could get yourself a copy of JAMB brochure and go through the Marketing department DE entry requirement in OOU. You sure would find answers to your questions…

  33. Joseph odama says:

    Pls HD, i wud like to know if the DE form is still on sales and to know my chance of gaining admission with a low credit in (OND) computer science into same dept in unn

    • Henry Divine says:

      According to a closure date released by JAMB earlier, DE registration is supposed to have closed but I understand they gave grace for late entry. Check any approved registration centre nearest to you to confirm whether or not the website has been closed. Do that before you purchase the card to avoid any regrets…

  34. Marce says:

    pls henry, can you tell me when and where DE post utme will be available?

  35. mr henry many questions for u plzzz ansa me ……in a hurry

  36. Anonymous says:

    hi mr Henry.great work u're doin here.God bless u.i studied medical lab tech in lagos state college of health.i want to kw the steps to getting direct entry admissn into unilag to study med lab science.wen will d foam b out.tanks. Joy.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Pls…my result is nt out so i don't wat 2 do abt d submission.can i submit d slip nd o' level result alone

  38. Joseph Nweke says:

    Good day, is it possible to get admission for par-time without jamb, just with your O-level?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Good evening mr Henry. You've done so well. I've been going through your writings and they are inspiring. Pls i want to ask if there is any expiring date for hand submission of credentials to the nearest JAMB office. I purchased and submitted my D.E form FOR THE PAST 3 weeks but have not submitted to the nearest Office because my school is on strike and i've not collected my OND result, i only used my grade to register the form. Is it going to affect me?

  40. Anonymous says:

    hello i studied pub admin and i have 3.04 in my OND result,i have already apply for UNN DE.my problem now is my O level,i did nt credit Government.but i have credit passes in commerce,economics and C.R.S,i dont if that will be a problem for me to gain admission in pub admin

  41. Adeniyi says:

    Hi Mr. Henry, Pls Sir, can l apply for direct entry using awaiting result because my OND result is not yet out due to the ASUP strike.I graduated from Federal polytechnic offa, Offa kwara state. and my last result was 2.86

    • Henry Divine says:

      Many others who are also affected by the ASUP strike are using awaiting result. You too can use it and be hopeful that it will be out and ready when the school demands for it, possibly, during your interview.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hi henry, can a direct entry candidate also obtain postume..tanx 4 dis gestures

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hello, good work you are doing here. please i would like to know if you have any first hand information on D.E for medicine to unilorin (do they write d.e exams? and so so)

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hi henry,I have lower class{2.91} from fedpolynek in eee department and I have not collected my result due the strike and don't know when I am going to collect. But my question is, is it possible for me get admission throught direct entry into unn or unizik.please I need your reply before I can purchase the direct entry form.thanks alot

  45. Anonymous says:

    Henry plz I have 6pointz in ma A level cambridge result,(D:physics,,,D:maths,,and E:chemistry)and I applied for electronic engineering this year direct entry 2013/2014 what are my chances do I qualify for the screening plz reply asap.tnx

  46. Anonymous says:

    Please sir My g.p is 2.6o and I applied for microbiology what's my faith. Please I need an answer. And were can I get the past question for the direct entry screening examination. Thank so much

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hello Henry, I'm an HND holder from bida poly with cgpa of 3.689 in civil engineering, pls how do Igo about d de, though I've obtained d form… thanks. Any screening tests? If yes, how do Igo about its registration and wen is it holding? Thanks

  48. Anonymous says:

    Does unn acept ond in med surg 4rum nekede

  49. ifeanyi success says:

    I got my ond at imt,wt a lower credit of 2:96 in computer science.. Wat re my chances of been admitted into unn wt de.. Is d form stil onsale at jamb office

  50. Anonymous says:

    pls Henry is unn direct entry form out pls tell me am lost

  51. Anonymous says:

    pls henry, i had upper credit (HND) in dental therapy, can unn accept direct entry in dentistry

  52. Anonymous says:

    pls Henry, dentistry tru direct entry , i had Upper credit in dental therapy as HND.

  53. Anonymous says:

    mr Henry pls, i need ans, dentistry tru direct entry , i had Upper credit in Dental therapy as HND.

    From hasmat

  54. Anonymous says:

    Goodday Mr Henry am having difficulties in purchasing the DE form ….No one around me seem to be aware of the sale..please is it still on…if yes how do I purchase it.thank you

  55. Anonymous says:

    is the direct entry still on sale? and what are the chance of candidate from private poly?

  56. Goodday!pls can u tell me the schs dat take lower credit for direct entry for BUILDING TECHNOLOGY.A swift response 'll be appreciated.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your gud work here!!! Pls am wit OND at upper credit level(3.18) in Urban and Regional planning…..i want to know if UNN accepts OND to study the same course…secondly,my OND result is not yet out but i have covering's 4rm HOD and signed by Registrar,is it okay for the interview?..and i want to know about the INTERVIEW only. Is it oral or written? Thanks.,

    • Henry Divine says:

      The department requires Upper credit level passes in OND (Ordinary National Diploma) examination in Town Planning or its equivalent, in addition to 5 credit level passes in GCE/OL subjects as for UME candidates.

  58. Orlu Dominic says:

    Pls, I want 2 confirm whether D/E Form scratch card is still on sale? I want 2 obtain it pls.


    please about what time in the month of august is the DE aptitude test expected to hold?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Please Is it late already to register for the unn post de if I have not bought the jamb de form?

  61. Anonymous says:

    pls dis just a question,pls Henry Divine how easier does it work for a HND direct entry in UNN and what level will he or she be admitted to Start from?

  62. Anonymous says:

    Hello, i'm victory, tanks for a job wel done. I'm planing to take DE form next year, i'm studying statistics in delta state poly ogwashi-uku can i aply for economics to UNN into 200level; nd wot CGPA

  63. Anonymous says:

    Hi mr Henry,i just want to know when precisely the UNN's post utme for DE applicants comes up.thanks

  64. Anonymous says:

    pls sir i did diploma in a monothecnic in Anambra state.my question nw is how possible is it for me to be admitted into mechanical engr with my 3.49 in welding and fabrication engineering.

  65. Anonymous says:

    pls when is DE exam comming up

  66. Anonymous says:

    Pls my question is how do universities calculate the final CGPA of a student dat got admission tro direct entry and started frm 200level will der add ur ND CGPA to the one u made der in d university or how?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Gdday mr henry, i hv Rn & Rm certificate,what is d requirment for DE bsc nursing in unec,also is d form on sale now,if no when wil d sales commence.thanks

  68. Anonymous says:

    Plz sir henry, I applied for UNN Direct entry with my OND in accountancy. What level will I start, if succesful with the screening? When is screening exam ?
    Plz reply via email charles4obinna@yahoo.com. Thanks

    • Henry Divine says:

      You will start from 100 level. That's the policy of your prospective department. Stay in touch with this website and you won't miss out on any information on 2013 DE screening exercise as they unfold…

  69. Anonymous says:

    Gdmorn sir,thanks for yr earlier response concerning bsc nursing question,i followed d link for d requirement but i couldnt get any related info.pls can u help me &post it here.also wen d form sales starts can u buy it frm another state other than enugu.thanks & God bless u.

  70. Chioma says:

    Pls hd,if i apply for direct entry into busines mgt with HND result what level will i be admitted in

  71. azuh hillary says:

    guys with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,C r k b2, economics b2, geography b3, goverm b2, lit in engl f9, engl language c6,maths c4, agric scie b3,BIOLOGY C5,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what are courses that you can study in UNN

  72. Anonymous says:

    Good evening sir HD. Am Jude by name and i have OND(Distinction) in Business Administration and Management from Fedponek. I want to be sure of the level i start from in the Business Management Department of UNN and i have my certificate with me, what are my chances of getting admitted into Business Management and is the DE P.ume form out?

    • Henry Divine says:

      My brother Jude, your chances are high as long as you perform excellently in your UNN DE Screening examination. You would start from 100 level if you are admitted into Business Management in UNN…Best wishes.

  73. Anonymous says:

    pls sir… apart from the normal jamb DE form, is there any unn DE form that is being purchased?

  74. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for ur work here. Pls sir, I wnt to knw any course i can apply in unn with my lower credit in sc. Lab Tech. Frm fed. Poly Idah, kogi state.

  75. Theophine says:

    Pls i finish my ond on statistics with 2.85 and filled upper credit nt knowing how the result will be, what will i do nw. Wil affect my admission to unn.

  76. Anonymous says:

    plz is unn D.E scrach card available nw ?? N whn is screaning date

  77. Anonymous says:

    pls henry do faculty of education starts in second year for direct entry in unn. and can a pesin who did not apply for education but applied accountancy and pass d exam shift to education. reply pls

  78. Anonymous says:

    pls henry do faculty of education starts second year for direct entry candidates

  79. Anonymous says:

    Helo dear henry, I read anatomy and I came out wit 2nd class lower. Am I eligible for direct entry into medicine in UNN? and if I am hw can I go about it.

  80. Anonymous says:

    hi good Henry….pls pls when is the screening for the DE taking place

  81. Hi gud evening , pls sir can l combine 2 waec results for studying medicine in unn

  82. Anonymous says:

    pls, i want to know if UNN accept slt OND result of ibadan poly as direct entry into medical lab science

  83. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir can I use awaiting result to enter unn..I was admitted to study CBS,am among those writing neco GCE 2013

  84. Anonymous says:

    pls sir i went 2 no if unn is offerin accounting in der diploma programme

  85. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir can sum1 who did science lab tech in d polytechnic go for direct entry 2 pharmacy?

  86. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir I applied for DE admission to Architecture dept and I did screening test and got 46. I got my first degree in civil engineering from the same unizik. I want to know my fate.

  87. Anonymous says:

    pls mr Henry am undergoing a diploma in law in one of the polytechnics and am rounding up in 2014 and i wish to purchease direct entry to study law properly come 2014. Pls whch nigeria universities can it be possible? Thank.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Mr HD sir, can one combine WAEC n NECO result 4 direct entry into unn in d dept of Electronic Engr with HND(lower credit) in dsame field of study, also is there age limit 4 d exercise?

  89. Anonymous says:

    sir H.D pls.can they giv me admision wit direct entry same yr i finsh my nce program

  90. Anonymous says:

    Hi, HD…,nice work, I called you some minutes back,I wanna know if lower credit can help me get d admisn 2014 in biotech or any agric related cuz bcos I studied agric tech OND

  91. Anonymous says:

    mr Henry pls my brother score 230 in direct entering exms bth his name is nt out why

  92. chidyke says:

    sir.i will finish my NCE programme by 2014.but i want to apply for direct Entry to study edu/econs.sir,will UNN give me admission with statement of result? & which day will they start selling d form,also wot are their requirements?sir pls,help me out.i have being sending message but no reply.

    • Henry Divine says:

      Sorry you have been sending messages without getting replies. when you are are done with your NCE program, it's safer to try to use your certificate to apply for DE instead of statement of result. Bookmark this website and keep visiting it. you will be getting information as they unfold. Or you may call to subscribe to our one year sms alert programme….

  93. Anonymous says:

    10k u sir. Sir but wich oda"best"universities do accept statement of result in edu/econs bcos,i dn't want 2 fuda my degree same place i did N.C.E.de earlier d beta now.& do we ve anything called edu/statistics at UNN.

  94. Dyke.chidyke says:

    Sir,Henry Divine. Have UNN started selling 2014/15 direct Entry form,if yes,what is the price for the form?.

  95. Anonymous says:


  96. Anonymous says:

    Gd morn mr H D ,Pls when wl d sale of 2014 DE form start.precisely UNEC for 2014. BSC nursing.thanks

  97. Splendid chidinma says:

    Mr HD thnks 4 ur contribution n advice. Pls I hv a lower a credit in mass comm n I want to purchase 4 jamb d.e form n wnt to study mass comm or public admin.wil I b granted admission n wat level I mine strtin wit?

  98. Anonymous says:

    Hello HD. Please I had ND last year with 2.86GPA in Mass Comm from Auchi polytechnic. can I be admitted through direct entry to political science or public admin? If yes what should I do? Please I need your help.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Mr henry please what are the requirement for those that have gotten their OND under science lab. tech depart and are seeking admission into Med. lab in UNN on direct Entry. Thanks for your selfless service may God bless u in abundance In Jesus name Amen. I will be so glad on your reply

  100. Anonymous says:

    Pls is DE form for 2014 /2015 out. Also what is the cgpa require for medical laboratory science student for DE into I o state university

  101. Anonymous says:

    Pls can I enroll for DE with the certificate of institute of medical laboratory technology and. Also with a cgpa of 4.84 from an accredited training institution into unilag, IMSU, OAU, UNIBEN OR UNN. Pls reply needed urgently

  102. Anonymous says:

    Hy sir am ond holder in lower credit 2.76 yabatech nd i want 2 aply 4 d.e in achaelogy nd tourism in unn dis yr sir cn i aply

  103. Anonymous says:

    Hi mr Henry D, u re indeed doin a grt job here. I nid ur help, i want 2 seek admission in either nasarawa st uni o unical, bt i finished ma ND wit lower credit in masscom 4m d fed poly mubi and am also usin nabteb as ma o level. Is there any assurance of mi gettin admitted?

  104. dear mr henry i already have my OND results how do i proceed to get a direct entry in UNN

  105. Mr henry i already have my OND result and i will like to know how to get a direct entry to UNN and are the forms available now

  106. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mr Henry, Pls is there any thumb print for DE registration for this year, I will be glad if u ans me quickly. THANKS

  107. Anonymous says:

    The surebet success past questions and answers i purchased from one of your agents had only 2012/2013 DE questions and others whr post-ume questions. Is dat how it is? Am i going to use the post-ume questions 2 study for DE

  108. Anonymous says:

    Mr Henry pls can I use my( OTM) office tech nd Management ND certificate to gain addmission n UNN cos I want to read Business Management tru DE

  109. Anonymous says:

    Mr Henry Can I combine NECO nd GCE result for my Olevel result pls I nid ya replies

  110. Anonymous says:

    Mr Henry pls wanna no if one can combine NECO nd GCE for DE n UNN pls I serzly nid ya reply

  111. Henry gudevenin.my name is onyinyechi from abia state had my ond from auchi polytechnic 2012.had 3.59 as my gp can I apply to unn and more also want to study marketing am I sure I will be given d admission.

    • Henry Divine says:

      You can apply to UNN for Direct Entry to study marketing. You sure would be given admission if you have the departmental entry requirement (especially O'level) and do very very well in the DE screening test. So it calls for adequate preparation. Call Chenelo-08039723944 in Abia state to get your own copy of SureSuccess UNN Admission Preparatory Handbook covering the past screening questions and answers and lots more. Best wishes.

  112. Chidimma says:

    Please am in final year at unizik, studying physiology. Can i apply to Uniben DE 2014 with awaiting result.

  113. Anonymous says:

    greetings sir, pls i want to know if is possbible for someone with OND lower credit(2.91) in office technology and management to get admission into UNN in business administration but with a pass in o level mathematics

  114. Anonymous says:

    Pls, is there any chance for me in gaining admission through DE with a lower credit in Accounting to UNN?

  115. kachi says:

    I ve finished my OND program in IMTand my results are not yet out. I studied marketing and wud like to study biz administration in unn . Can I go ahead to pick the form.

  116. Anonymous says:

    sir h.d my ond result will be available this year october can i apply for direct entry using awaiting result

  117. Anonymous says:

    Pls henry! I had a 3.26 gpa from Auchi poly in mass comm! Can I apply for direct entry in UNN for second choice? pls reply urgently

  118. lovely says:

    please i have a 2.2 in education biology can i apply for the direct entry medicine in UNN

  119. Mr henry, pls cn i apply 4 d.e in UNN with lower credit in mass comm? pls i nid an urgent reply,tnx.

  120. Anonymous says:

    G morning Mr chairman tnk 4 the grate job you're doing, how as ur days? Am very sorry 4 disturbing u, plz don't n annoyed, plz I saw ur profile data as a student of university of Nigeria, nsukka plz I need some information about UNN DIRECT ENTRY program base on Bachelor Medical Laboratory Science what and what is their requirements for admission and the steps to take

  121. Anonymous says:

    Sir, can I obtain DE when my last cgp is not yet out? And if yes which school can I choose am from mapoly food science and tech….

  122. Anonymous says:

    Pls do departmnt of business admin accepts OND? Bcos i hav distinction(3.71) in bussiness admin frm fed poly Bida. And pls wat r my chances of gettin admissn into UNN?. I wnt 2 b sure b4 fillin d form. Can i giv u a call 4 bettr conversation? Pls

  123. Anonymous says:

    Mr henry can I buy the de form without my ond certificate but I have the result

  124. Anonymous says:

    Please sir give me the names of Nigeria universities the accept direct entry with upper credit

  125. sir, can lautech give me admission on med lab. sci with my nd result on slt through de with upper credit

  126. Hi, HD…,I wanna know if upper credit can help me get an admisn 2014 in med. lab sci @ lautech bcos I studied SLT OND

  127. Anonymous says:

    Plz sir,I graduated from skul of nursing wit RN and I want 2 apply 4 DE in2 nursing in unn..hw possible is dat?

  128. Anonymous says:

    Pls can one have a DE in UNN after finishing school of nursing.

  129. mr. henry u mean with ssce result can process the direct entry form

  130. Nwodu Victor says:

    hi HD u ar really helping us out hia, tnks 4 dat. doz UNN architectural dp accept OND in architecture 4rm abia state poly?

  131. joy says:

    Good day, please can I use nabteb and waec results combined and OND 2.98 to get direct entry for business administration in UNN. Thanks

  132. Peter Caleb says:

    Plz Mr Henry. Can a student who has diploma in computer networking from Fut minna apply for DE in unn.

  133. pls sir,
    am increase orji.i bought direct entry form and i have 2.87 in my OND which is lower credit
    so i want to find out if is possible.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Pls m I qualified to apply for direct entry wit 2.82 from acc dept, fed poly oko?and pls which course

  135. Thomas says:

    Mr HD u r just wonderful,i love d way u answer qustns.i obtained ND in pub admn of kwara poly wt distinctions(3.57) can unn admit me to study d same course or political sc? tax

  136. Anonymous says:

    Gudpm Mr Henry,pls i did HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT and
    had 3.09 in my ND pls what course can I apply for

  137. moses says:

    Pls wen. Is the DE going to finish pls sir

  138. Anonymous says:

    afta DE registratn wht z d nxt step?

  139. Anonymous says:

    Henry i'm in Ibadan and how can i get d Sure Success,wats d date 4 d screening exam,and wats d subject 4 law student writing d exam?

  140. Anonymous says:

    Hy sir, wat dos merit pass mean. Cos i ave obtaind d jamb d.e 4om nd i chos unn acheaology nd tourism bt i ave 2.76 in tourism yabatech plx sir. Wil i b alowd.

  141. Anonymous says:

    I studied public admin in d polytechnic ibadan wit 3.3 lower credit can I obtain de form

  142. Anonymous says:

    ave applied for d jamb d e pls i want to get updated for the post ume pls

  143. Anonymous says:

    pls when is FUTO writing there direct entry post ume

  144. Anonymous says:

    Pls is JAMB DE still on sale? Need info urgently

  145. Anonymous says:

    Pls ar my qualify to apply for direct entry wit 2.54 in science lab tech dept from kogi state poly? And wen is the 2015 form closing? Maria

  146. Please, i need your help concerning the UNN direct entry candidates, dont really know if we'll not be filling form online. In short, its the latest information about the DE application that I need.

  147. Anonymous says:

    pls m hvn lower credit in purchasing nd supply hnd.can i use it to enta DE in ui or unilorin or any uni in west region studying pub adm or buz adm…….

  148. Anonymous says:

    pls m hvn lower credit in purchasing nd supply hnd.can i use it to enta DE in ui or unilorin or any uni in west region studying pub adm or buz adm…….

  149. Ola says:

    pls m hvn lower credit in purchasing nd supply hnd.can i use it to enta DE in ui or unilorin or any uni in west region studying pub adm or buz adm…….

  150. Anonymous says:

    Pls, I'll like to know the requirements for Law departments of Unn for DE. I am a final year student of Mass Communication in ESUT and would like to read Law after the completion of my 1st degree. I will like to know the requirements pls.

  151. Anonymous says:

    pls henry cn i apply for DE using my ND result.course microbiogy and wt level will i start if it is possible.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Help me

  153. Cindy Betty says:

    Please i need help on this matter. initially as at the time i apply for DE, my result was not out, though i was anticipating 'Upper Credit'. i filled in Upper Credit without the CGPA but i dont know if it will affect my application. Please Help.

  154. Anonymous says:

    mr henry am hvin just o'level result cn i take d.e for unilag wanna put in for computer science..

  155. Anonymous says:

    mr henry am hvin just o'level result cn i take d.e for unilag wanna put in for computer science..

  156. Anonymous says:

    Pls mr Henry my ond gp is 2.55 in science lab tech. and i want to purchase DE form nxt yr to study nursing or medi lab or pharmacy can it be posible. Or is there any university that will accept my gp am frm imostate

  157. Blessed chigozie says:

    OND LIBRARY and information science from poly nekede, which other course[s] is suitable for me through DE UNN?

  158. Anonymous says:

    Pls I got upper credit in dental sugery technician at college of health tech offa kwara state pls cn I apply for DE to study dentistry plz is it allowed???

  159. Pls advice on what to do i have a cgpa of 2.42 HND mechanical engineering & 2.61OND mechanical can i apply for direct entry in unn or what i do

  160. Pls advice on what to do can unn take me for direct entry am mechanical engineering with HND cgpa 2.42 &OND 2.61 what do i do

  161. Mr HD Pls advice me on what to do can unn take me for direct entry into mechanical engineering with HND cgpa 2.42 & OND 2.61 pls i need reply pls on what to do

  162. Anonymous says:

    sir, i'm a graduate of uniport with Bsc in Human anatomy, second class upper Gp 3.79. i wish to apply for DE into Dentistry 2015. what are my chances & is there any DE for denstistry?

  163. Anonymous says:

    please which university in nigeria take direct entry to medicine with 2 2?

  164. pls admin,i have just concluded my nce ,phy/computer science,but my result i not out cuss i have one physic course which i have register for,but my computer is very ok i have B in it can i aply for direct entering into computer engr,

  165. Victor Mbah says:

    Good day Mr Henry,I graduated with a distinction in Banking and Finance from the Federal Polytechnic bida Niger state (OND). Can I apply for Direct Entry into department of Economics or the initial course studied? Thanks

  166. Isaac says:

    Dear Mr Henry, please I want to know if I could get a DE admission with my HND lower credit in Mechanical Engineering. Please kindly give me your Facebook username.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Please Sir Henry Divine, does UNN accept a B.SC holder in Fisheries and Aquatic studies into the D.E program for any medical related courses, such as Medicine, Med-lab or Nursing.
    Please would really love to be cleared on this. Thank you.

  168. Good afternoon. Please I will like to know if having a HND upper credit in Dental Technology makes one eligible to apply for DE to study Dental surgery alias Dentistry.

  169. Janded says:

    Please I want to know if its advisable to buy two DE forms same year without causing any conflict or complications??

  170. DUGOD says:

    Thumbs up to u bro. Please can a OND holder n SCIENCE LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY wt upper credit or distinction take direct entry nto med& surgery n UNN/ UNIBEN/UNILORIN/ UNIZIK. Please do well to reply n a detailed manner. THANKS!!!!!

  171. share1luv says:

    Mr Henry, u ave really possess d qualities of a gud leader…kudos 2 u and more grease 2 ur elbow. Am a student of osun state college of education, ila orangun. 300l student studying English/social studies, the questions is, will I be able 2 study LAW in D E wit my course at NCE? I will be expecting ur reply soonest.

  172. Anonymous says:

    pls sir Henry i have (OND)upper credit in science laboratory technology,i wish to study pharmacy in UNN, please what is my fate

  173. Anonymous says:

    I have 2.67 can it be possible

  174. Anonymous says:

    Gdmorn' Mr HD pls when wil DE entry form for 2015/2016 be on sale,& where can i get it in enugu if on sale. Thanks

  175. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir am confuse pls help me. Am studying noncredited med lab course but can I be able to go for direct entry?

  176. Anonymous says:

    Hello HD thanks for your nice response to the questions,please sir I want to know if I can gain DE into medical lab science, I graduated with an upper credit in HND microbiology,how will I know when the screening/interview will be.

    • Henry Divine says:

      If you visit this website on a regular basis, you will know when screening/interview will be.
      Do bear in mind that there will be no admission into Med Lab Science through UTME this year. I don't know whether that will also be applicable to DE…

  177. kelly mine says:

    Sir pls I want to apply for DE with ijmb but the issue is I want to use awaiting result. I'm writing neco exams but I did ijmb. I have my SSCE before but in science because my parents wanted me to ready medicine when all I wanted was to study law that was why I decided to take neco as an art student so I will be able to study law. Pls I can I use awaiting result while feeling the form?

  178. Anonymous says:

    I read Business Management in UNN, and i made 2.1 ( second class lower) I am currently working. I have interest to study law, is it possible i study it through part time? and how do i go for the direct entry. Thanks

    • Henry Divine says:

      I don't think there is a provision for studying Law on part-time basis in UNEC. Secondly, you may need to see the faculty officer to enquire if they accept Bus Mgt certificate for D.E.

  179. Usonwa Nora says:

    Hello sir. Goodmorning. Pls as someone who hav a degree in microbiology with nysc certificate dat wants to study nursing through direct entry. do I still need to get my transcript in my previous school for direct entry. And pls sir, how many screening exams do I need to write before am qualified for d admission.

  180. Anonymous says:

    Henry well done, am a nurse and a graduate of unn B.sc. health education 2:1, i want to know if it will be possible to have DE to read B.sc. nursing in the same unn?

  181. Gud day Mr HD I want 2 if a date has bin fixed 4 d 2015 D.E exam in UNN

  182. These are actually great ideas in concerning blogging.
    You have touched some good things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  183. Rev says:

    Please mr Henry I am a Bsc holder in biochemistry with just ordinary pass due to afflictions, pls is there any hope for me to go up to masters level. Pls its urgent.

  184. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This piece of writing posted at this website is truly fastidious.

  185. Yaktor Takmai Inusa says:

    Please wand to know whether i can be given pharmacy through direct entry with my ND in pharmacy technician

  186. Anonymous says:

    Dear Henry,
    please do you have an idea of the maximum number or estimate UNN can admit through direct entry in medicine and surgery per session?

  187. sam says:

    Pls Mr Henry, I hv a B.Sc in chemical engineering, 2nd class lower 2.9. Can I get admission into mechanical engineering in UNN? And into wat level sir

  188. Aso says:

    Pls, Henry can upper credit in Dental Therapy also offer DE into Dentistry and at what level will the candidate start?

    • Henry Divine says:

      They listed A’level, Bsc and MBBS as DE entry qualifications. You can go to the faculty and make a better enquiry.

  189. ODUNAYI says:

    Im an OND holder of public administration n lukin forward to studying Mass communication for HND or BSE,is this possible

    • Henry Divine says:

      I wouldn’t be too sure about how transition from OND to HND works. But it’s possible to use your OND to apply for Bachelors in Mass Comm through JAMB Direct Entry.

  190. yusuf abubakar umar says:

    hi henry,am a graduate of nce from fce(t)potiskum,from school of technical department of building technology with cgpa of 4.00 credit,and I want to proceed for my further education,by applying for direct entry department of civil engineering, henry did u think is possible for me to gain an admission for what I requested???

    • Henry Divine says:

      I wouldn’t know about other schools but a school like the UNN, the listed qualifications for D.E. admission into 200 level are: recognised A’Level certificates, Upper Credit in OND any recognized Polytechnic, HND with Upper credit and First Degree in relevant field. All in addition to UTME requirement.
      I believe this may not be too different from what is obtainable in other universities since they are all regulated by the NUC.

  191. yusuf abubakar umar says:

    Mr Henry I haven’t seen ur reply yet.

  192. yusuf abubakar umar says:

    am waiting

  193. Chinasa says:

    I studied Marketing in fedponek ND.My GP 3.57 and i want to apply for Law tru De entry please what is my chance

  194. harrison.o says:

    Please sir. I just want to know the minimum G.P into UNN DE in accountancy department and also about how many candidates they need. Plss

    • Henry Divine says:

      No Gp is stated in the brochure. If you have any of their required certificates and perform satisfactorily in the screening, you will get in.

  195. mz phunky says:

    Mr Henry pls I need ur advice, just concluded my ND in community health and wish to further with direct entry into uniben or any suitable university apart from Noun, dnt no how to go abt dat….pls I will be waiting for ur reply asap..

  196. mz phunky says:

    Mean, university dat do direct entry for community health….tnks dear will be waiting forward to hear from u soon..

  197. Ngozi says:

    Hello Mr. Henry, can someone with HND in Microbiology(Distinction) get admission through DE to study Med. Lab. Sc., and please what level will the person be placed. Also I want to know if they have started selling forms for 2015/2016 session. Thanks & God bless.

    • Henry Divine says:

      With what you have, you can get admission into Medical Lab, 200 level.
      Sale of forms for 2015/2016 session has long been concluded.

  198. anonimous says:

    Can som1 wit B.Sc chemistry apply 4 d.e in medicine

  199. kenny says:

    Mr henry, i have 2.60 in my OND result in sceice laboratory technology and i want to obtain for d DE form but i don’t know d course to apply for,pls advice me on dis

  200. Linda says:

    Pls Mr Henry, can a student of Unizik affliated institution transfer to Unizik after one year with a very high GP?

    • Henry Divine says:

      My dear, I wouldn’t want to give you pseudo-hope or a misleading answer. Just find out at UNIZIK’s Admin office.

  201. Victor says:

    Please sir is unn mainly for micro biology.and is their equiped lecturer for engineering courses like computer engineering etc.

    • Henry Divine says:

      UNN has many NUC accredited faculties comprising of many departments. They are good in the courses they offer. So feel free to apply if your are interested.

  202. samuel says:

    Pls mr henry divine. What are my chances of gaining DE admission into UNN with an M.sc degree in microbiology? And if I have to apply with my B.sc, will second class upper in microbiology be accepted into medicine and surgery? Pls reply me ASAP. Thanks a bunch mehn!

    • Henry Divine says:

      Sorry the reply didn’t as soon as you expected. Your second class upper in microbiology will be accepted for DE admission into medicine and surgery. You only have to prove yourself in the screening exercise.

  203. samuel says:

    Pls mr henry divine. What are my chances of gaining DE admission into UNN with an M.sc degree in medical microbiology? And if I have to apply with my B.sc, will second class upper in microbiology be accepted into medicine and surgery? Pls reply me ASAP. Thanks a bunch mehn!

  204. Taiwo says:

    Did UNN accept 2 sittings of o’level résult for DE into MLT

  205. Rhoda says:

    Having upper credit in med lab technology can i apply for direct entry into pharmacy in UNN? Pls reply

    • Henry Divine says:

      According to the UNN entry requirement for pharmacy, apart from A’level and bachelor’s degree, one can get in with HND in Biological Sciences, Health Science and Technology or Medical sciences with a minimum of an upper credit.
      What I’m trying to say is that Med Lab Tech is not mentioned there at all. In a situation like this, it’s more advisable to go the faculty and make direct enquiry so as to be sure.

  206. Isah muazu says:

    I learned UNN had started B. Sc community health science. What is the requirements for admission?

  207. Blessing says:

    hello HD. I did Science laboratory technology in my nd and I want to forward more on food science technology can I take the direct entry form

  208. Pamela says:

    Hello Henry, please I have a my O level results and a BSc degree in statistics with second class upper division. But I really want to study medicine and surgery. Please can I apply for direct entry. Please I need a detailed advice.

    • Henry Divine says:

      I wish I can give you a detailed advice as you requested. You are in a better position to know how related Statistics is to medicine and how likely it is to get it. You can go to the faculty of medicine to make a better enquiry.

  209. Ifeanyi says:

    Hello sir HD, can someone use OND lower credit in elect/elect for DE into same department in UNN?

  210. bukola says:

    Pls mr henry wit a 2.7gp in agric tech OND poly ibadan,Can i apply for direct entry agriculture in ABU.pls nid an urgent reply

  211. bukola says:

    Hapi new mnth mr henry.pls i didnt get ur answer

  212. mike says:

    Can someone wit lower credit in public administration apply for DE…

  213. Esther says:

    HD thank you very much for your effort. I hv OND in Business Administration and Management with upper credit, pls can I go in for Economics via DE in UNN? thanks in anticipation for ur usual cooperation.

    • Henry Divine says:

      OND is not mentioned in the direct entry requirement for Economics. Maybe you need to go to the department to confirm.

  214. lizzy says:

    Can i apply for direct entry with a pharmacy technician certificate from college of health to study pharmacy?

    • Henry Divine says:

      PHARMACY accepts HND in Biological Sciences, Health Science and Technology or Medical sciences with a minimum of an upper credit plus UTME requirement.
      Otherwise, you need a bachelor’s degree or an A’level certificate to apply.

  215. Abiola says:

    plz is the 2016/2017 direct entry form still out and can I apply 4 public admin from d fed poly ilaro with 3.09cgp

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