UNN 2013/2014 POST-UTME SCREENING RESULT IS OUT: Check Your Result Here

2013/2014 Post UME screening results of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)
is out, and now accessible online at the school’s portal. 
  1. You need a fresh
    result-checking scratch card to access your 2013 UNN post-UTME result on
    the school’s portal. 
  2. You’d need your JAMB UTME registration
    and PUME-Access Code.
  3. If you have your PUME-access
    code and JAMB UTME registration number ready, CLICK HERE.
  4. On the page that loads, enter
    your JAMB registration number into the box provided. Enter your JAMB
    registration number again (in the next space) for verification. Please
    don’t copy and paste
    . Enter your access code now.
  5. Finally, specify which result
    you want to check by choosing between UME and DE. When you have selected
    UME, click login or just hit enter on your
    keyboard to view your result.
NOTE: The results are being
processed and uploaded in batches bacause candidates wrote the exams on
different days in different sessions. Don’t worry if yours is not yet there,
just check back later. 
yours sincerely…wishing you the very best.
we earnestly await the release of the admission lists, you can get closer to
other UNN admission seekers, share ideas and receive their admission progress
reports by joining MYUNNDREAMS on facebook. Click here
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169 Responses to UNN 2013/2014 POST-UTME SCREENING RESULT IS OUT: Check Your Result Here

  1. Anonymous says:

    pls its saying invalid access code can u pls shw me d format of inputing the code???/thnx in advance

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where do I buy the scratch card??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the details, btw Are we to use the PUME CARD used for registration?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pls u hv to help here.. Whr do we buy d scratch card nd hw mch?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Invalid access code. How do we input d code or are we to buy anoda card?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why are you stressing us when you know the result is not yet out

    • Anonymous says:

      u dnt hv 2 reply in dat manner, u saw wat he posted dat d result r being released in batches, whch means nt al r released yet. frankly speakin, HD z doin a 9z job here which as an individual cant even attempt doin. learn hw 2 talk.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please where can i purchase the result checking scratch card

    • Henry Divine says:

      Depends on where you are. You can check UNN Micro-finance banks in Enugu or Nsukka to get it or just walk into any JAMB-approved registration centre in your area and see if they have it…

  8. Ejike Frank says:

    A lot of ppl 're just instruction abusers

  9. albus says:

    where can we see the card

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nawa, money, money, money!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Guys the result is out i have seen 230 and above but u have 2 buy new scratch card 4 result checking make sure it not 4 regstn they sell it at #1100 in any of first bank diamond bank etc at nsukka so 4 more info add me on fb or 2go with "attahjulius" am putting on yellow shirt divine pls post this coz am not scamming tanks

  12. Anonymous says:

    Please their is need for the authority concern to help there prospective student by stating the bank

    (s) and how much it costs. God bless you for your corporation.

    • Henry Divine says:

      The card costs 1000 naira (bank charges apply). Get it from UNN Micro-finance banks in Enugu or Nsukka. Some other banks across the nation also sell them. You can search them out…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm.. Still confuse UNN giving me 3 in physics, 5 in chemistry.. Hw can I get 210 in post utme.. Only english I get 8, biology I thought it won't be good I got 5 in it.. Total 210.for pharmacy. Crying!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Please where can one purchase the scratch card for cheking the result.

  15. Anonymous says:

    this result checking card of a thing is not fair, not to talk of the fact that it's even costly. For God's sake these students just but the registration scratch card in not less than a week ago. Please unn admin should do something about it… Thanks

  16. Chezy says:

    D result is out..i knw sumone who hs checked but i tried mine dey kip tellin me invalid access code..why?

  17. Anonymous says:

    heard more dan 45% got 200 n abv

  18. Chezy says:

    D result is rilli out,i knw sumone dat hs checked bt mine kip sayin invalid access code…is d access code in pume form or d one in d scracth card??

  19. Anonymous says:

    Plz, doze dat ve checked dia results, we humbly need details abt the cost of d CARD nd where to buy it… Or rada the websites of checking(s)… Plz, i wil be back 2 c ur detailz..THANKS

  20. Anonymous says:

    I tank God I score 270 juz 4 mass comm…… God tank U̶̲̥̅̊

  21. Anonymous says:

    is it true dat 2nd choice result is nt out

    • Henry Divine says:

      Yes, it's true. The result for second choice candidates will be released as soon as JAMB forwards the necessary data to the school. Do stick around for more details..

  22. Okibe Obed says:

    its unfair how unn is dealing with their prospective student. Its nt up to a month since we bot a scratch card,som bot dias #2.1k, som #3.5k -tnks 2 HD, som even bot dias #5k. Now dt d reslt is out dy'r r salting our wounds by asking us 2 buy anoda scratch card 4 cheking. its unfair

  23. Okibe Obed says:

    its unfair how unn is dealing with their prospective student. Its nt up to a month since we bot a scratch card,som bot dias #2.1k, som #3.5k -tnks 2 HD, som even bot dias #5k. Now dt d reslt is out dy'r r salting our wounds by asking us 2 buy anoda scratch card 4 cheking. its unfair

  24. Anonymous says:

    i just hope d merit list wil display meritocracy

  25. Anonymous says:

    Pls sirWhat will happen to d result of a candidate who shaded UME nd DE in d answer script?I need an answer urgently sir. Thank you

  26. Anonymous says:

    The access card for checking PUTME result is sold in First Bank,Diamond,Ecobank and unn microfinance bank only in NSUKKA @ #1100 while cybercafes sell for #1500.Enemoh Chris

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mine is nt even out.so u guys ar lucky.

  28. Anonymous says:

    please my result cant be found what do i do am trying so hard not to panic thanks

  29. okorie valentine says:

    pls i need help! i submitted my post ume form after d exam and i don't have a photocopy, pls what can i do i don't hv my post ume access code to check my result!

    • Henry Divine says:

      My dear, your question is not well articulated. If you need to check your result, buy the PUME result checking scratch card and check your result at the school portal…

  30. Anonymous says:

    I bought d screening result scratch card for my brother 2 check his result,but no result was found.plz wat is d cuz?

    • Henry Divine says:

      If you are having trouble viewing your result, one of the following must have happened.
      1. You did not Register online
      2. You Applied Online (www.portal.unn.edu.ng) as a Second Choice Candidate and details from JAMB are not yet available to verify that you are indeed a second choice candidate. It means your result cannot be completely processed. Therefore you will only see your scores. You will also need to check the portal from time to time until those details are available.
      3. You were involved in MALPRACTRICE.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Divine henry pls i want 2 talk to u based on real biz here is my username "attahjulius" 2go/fazebuk there u can get my number 4 live talk ok

  32. Anonymous says:

    Pls reply….i applied for geology what score do i nid to get admitted…

  33. Lary says:

    I hav checked mine, I bought d scratch card at d rate of N1400 in Nsukka. I scored 230 4 Accounting. I don't understand hw UNN mark their exam script oo.. My aggregate is 228. Pls, sum1 should tell me if i hav a chance of getting admission.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thank God i got 180 for Pub Admin…from elds!!! My God, i believe dat my name will be on merit list..AMEN

  35. Anonymous says:

    pls i wnt 2 kw kw d procedure for DE and d day of d exam?

  36. scon-p says:

    okorie u dont need ur post ume access code to check ur result u need to buy a new scratch card for result checking nd use ur jamb reg number……………………… my blog is under construction

  37. Anonymous says:

    i got 240 in post ume nd 245 in jamb. What re my chances for med n surg

  38. Anonymous says:

    Tnx 4 ur suport H.D. Pls i had 209 in jamb nd 219 in ume 4 biochem 1st nd 2nd choice. Do u tink i hav gud chanc to mak it diz yr?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Please why are some results not showing?.Mine is not showing.What could be the prolem?

    • Henry Divine says:

      If you are having trouble viewing your result, one of the following must have happened.
      1. You did not Register online
      2. You Applied Online (www.portal.unn.edu.ng) as a Second Choice Candidate and details from JAMB are not yet available to verify that you are indeed a second choice candidate. It means your result cannot be completely processed. Therefore you will only see your scores. You will also need to check the portal from time to time until those details are available.
      3. You were involved in MALPRACTRICE.

  40. Anonymous says:

    for d guy dat said dat he submit his or her pume form, pls n pls d inviglentors never ask for d pume form ok

  41. Anonymous says:

    i checked my result and it displays my name then error as the result pls i need to know if it will stil be released or i wil have to stay at home again after 3years at home already

  42. Anonymous says:

    Why is henry not attending 2 us ok mine i scored 217 in jamb and 250 in pume am going for ECONOMICS second choice biznes mgnt whatz my chances of admission pls henry reply me tru attahjulius 2go/facbuk

  43. Anonymous says:

    plz i nid hlp, my z sayin pume reslt nt found, n i tried usin my name n stil can't find it. Wat wrong. I nid ansa plz.

  44. Anonymous says:

    i have been checking for my result for 3 days now and this always pops out.

    Sorry, you need to check back as
    your other details from JAMB are
    not yet available.
    what should i do?
    Kindly check again. Thank you.

  45. Anonymous says:

    pls mine I score 209 in jamb and 230 in pume am going for mass com. what is my chances of getting admission?

  46. Anonymous says:

    when are we going to have the unn post-ume cut-off marks for department especially, faculty of law

  47. adolf umoh says:

    My Is Not Showing Oh It Says
    Sorry, you need to check back as
    your other details from JAMB are
    not yet available. Kindly check again. Thank you.
    Please Reply Wats D Cause I Wrote As 2nd Choice Candidate Faculty Of Physical Sciences Pure And Industrial Chemistry Pls Add Me On 2go Wit Emrys1 Or Call 08081425684 Pls Reply

    • Henry Divine says:

      You just posted the reply you got when you tried to check your result and you confirmed here that you are a second choice candidate as stated in the reply. Why are you still asking the cause? Is it that you don't understand English or what???

  48. adolf umoh says:

    If U Av Check Ur Result As 2nd Choice Candidate Tell Us…

  49. Anonymous says:

    when are we expecting the departmental cut off marks

  50. Anonymous says:

    I ve cheked my result but all i could found was my reg no and my full name but my score was not there,pls what could be the problem ?

  51. Anonymous says:

    I checked my result but all i could see was result not found,but it is only my name and my reg no_ that apiers.pls what can realy be the course 2 this,am worried.i need 2 know if it will still be out or not.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Seems like sumtin is rong wit my result.i got 245 in jamb,worked harder 4 d post utme n am seein 220.crk=3,govt=5,lit=7,eng=7.d questions were familiar n cheap n i dont tink dis is my result.how on earth am i goin 2 study law wit dis kind of result.pls is der anytin i kan do?Wil realy apreciate ur reply.tankx in advance

  53. Anonymous says:

    Pls Mr Henry, can u help us with little summary of unn post utme result, like how many that made 300 and above, then 250 and above. This can help some people to predict their chances of getting admission. Thanks

  54. Anonymous says:

    Pls Mr Henry, can u help us with little summary of unn post utme result, like how many that made 300 and above, then 250 and above. This can help some people to predict their chances of getting admission. Thanks

  55. Anonymous says:

    pls any news abt DE examination

  56. what is the unn post ume cut off mark for medicine and suegery

  57. Anonymous says:

    Second choice issue tired me ooh!.for how long will they hold my results naa?

  58. Chezy says:

    Mr henry, i scored 219 in jamb nd 290 in pume nd my course is mass comm…i knw my chances of gettin admission is guaranteed..jst want u to help me nd find out d cut off mark for my course..i will be grateful,if u reply me..tnks

  59. adolf umoh says:

    2nd Candidates If U Av Check Ur Result And U Saw Ur Score Say Yes

  60. Anonymous says:

    pls cut off mark for med n surg

  61. Anonymous says:

    i dont av 2 use d access code on my registration slip..buh aw cme evn d pin on my card stil gives me….INVALID ACCESS CODE!

  62. please take note that unn is still working had to fix the general cut of mark from 180-200.THEn deptment cut of will take place.thank u.

  63. Anonymous says:

    We sat 4 two diff JAMB examinations y den did we sit for d same Post UME? As a matter of fact, CBT candidates performed excellently well(no doubt) while the PPT performed embarrassingly poorly. Dis is so strange and I knw it's only JAMB dat can gv a reasonable explanation abt wat happened. Or should I believe that the pencil and paper candidates are all dommies? Or dat the low standard of education as stated by the JAMB registrar only affected the PPT and neva affected d CBT set? This is outrageous. Or better still y not conduct separate screennings for each set of candidates. Now a CBT candidat with a jamb score of 286 having sat for the post UME wit a score of 190 still has an edge over a PPT candidate who has an embarrasing 230 in jamb and 220 in the Post UME. I believe we all hv at least, I consciecne. Wat can someone going 4law do with a 225 aggregate xept if a miracle should happen? I a great proportion of blame should go to the Senate who failed to question the Obvious performance gap b/w CBT and PPT but, only believed that the poor education standard affected the PPT candidates.

  64. Anonymous says:

    when will the Direct Entry Exam start na pls

  65. Anonymous says:

    This shows that we should just light ourselves cause this country is so so messed up. I don't know how i got an embarrassing score after doing exceedingly well

  66. Anonymous says:

    Bros, u rl made a point. Unn should know dat ppt candidates were practically frustratd by jamb in d name of porpotd malpractice. Bt one questn is pendn which jamb ve nt answd- is it al dat rote ppt dat involvd in malprctz? I can us my case 2 no dat jamb intentnl victimizd som candidates as der stractegy of reducing d eva increasn tertiary institusn aspirants. Bt my case is dat it waz nt generali don, while som(ppt candts) suffer d 100 mks redtn as is obvious in my case, odas(cbt candts) boost der ful marks. Meanwhile if unn reali want 2 select d best candts dis yr, de shld bez der selectn wholly on putme n not on any averag. Unn shld equali no dat 2 retain her reputatn de ar advsd 2 set a hada quesns n not purpozl mrkn correct answers rong as a means of reduzn d crowd of prospetv studnts which d carin capacity of d univ cann't take as is glarn in d case of law prospetvs. I luv 1 n onli niger university-UNN.

  67. Anonymous says:

    to be sincere HD am confuse at d processes in getting my result,it keep writting ur jamb reg.no dos not match…..as if i dnt hav eye again! Plz help.

  68. Anonymous says:

    pls sir wat is law score…..tanks for ur usual co-operation

  69. Anonymous says:

    U r doin a gr8 job here Henry.pls i wil like 2 no wen d departmental cut off is likely 2 be released

  70. Anonymous says:

    Totally unbelievable.. 210 in post utme result God hear my voice because I wil swear wit my blood dat wot UNN haz given me is not just my result. I found this result ridiculous. I can't imagine scoring 3 in physics. and 5 in chemistry. Look @ physics. scores english 8, chemistry 5, biology 5, physics 3. Total 210.. I finished and go through my work. This result is total humiliation. I know I wrote las yr and got 246. And has discovered UNN style n Hw they ask question.and has worked hard 2 nail d post utme. My reg number is 36487392JD. Pharmacy.. Email imagineiyke@yahoo.com… 08068112544.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir Henry,i heard unn wl use only pume scores in admittn her studnts dz year.Is it true?

  72. Anonymous says:

    I scored 213 jamb,210 pume going 4 civil eng.pls do i hv a chance?

  73. Anonymous says:

    Pls,sir when should we expect the departmental cutoff marks?

    • Henry Divine says:

      Expect the departmental cut-off marks a few days after the PUTME results are conclusively released. When that time comes, you go to the office of the HOD of your prospective department and make inquiries about the cut-off marks….

  74. Anonymous says:

    Please be honest with me mr henry divine i got 170 in pume and 215 in jamb going for medicine do i have a chance or wait for next year

    • Henry Divine says:

      First of all, why is your PUME score so low? So much so that it is even lower than your JAMB score? You've got NO chance at Medicine and Surgery with those scores…

  75. Anonymous says:

    Please sir, is the school cut of ur JAMB and PUME average score or only ur PUME score. Tnks 4 ur reply sir

  76. Anonymous says:

    plz Uncle HD, dos 1 wt jamb score of 240,and pume 240. Cos Accty have a chance of securing his admission on merit list. And plz help us to knw d general performance of all d dept. Tanx.plz i will be pleased if u help me wt diz.

  77. Anonymous says:

    pls HD, i need ur advice…am a pharmacy aspirants nd my average is 201, I knw dt it z nt enough 2 gt me on d merit list…so my ques z dis, if i purchase d supplemntary form nd eventuali gt admissn wit a low course, is it possible 4 me 2 change bk 2 pharmacy while studyin d low course dt got me admitted in d skul or wuld i hv 2 rwrite jamb nd putme again nxt yr while in skul too in order 2 gt bak 2 d pharmacy dt i want 2 study if dt is possible……which is it? pls i need ur advice am rily confused, thank you.

    • Henry Divine says:

      My dear, you don't need to be confused yet. First things first. You've concluded that your score cannot get you on the merit list and that you will purchase supplementary form and get admission. So just wait, when all that happens, I'd tell you what next to do. Hope you got my point???

  78. Anonymous says:

    is there any thing too difficult for God to do? they must bring down the cut off mark dis yr.

  79. Vockinz says:

    pls HD, is it true dt UNN is nt goin 2 use utme nd d aggregate dis year…..is it only d putme scores dt dey ar goin 2 use 4 admission dis year?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Gud morning HD, Plz i nid ur reply plzzz, is't true dat UNN senate board is delibrating welther 2 use average or only pume score 2 admit her candidate diz yr? Plzz reply.

    • Henry Divine says:

      Well, it's a popular rumour now. Really don't want to comment much on that except to drop one question: "Why do you think UNN Senate would deliberate on such??

  81. Anonymous says:

    Please henry i got 245 in jamb and 260 in p-ume, what are my chances at pharmacy this year?pls don't ignore i'm so tensed up.

    • Henry Divine says:

      Do you really need to be 'so tensed up'? Your anxiety can neither increase nor decrease your chances of getting admission. So what's the point in being tensed up? Your scores are good. The average is promising. You just need to get back to God in prayers. Put faith in place of your fears.
      Best wishes…

  82. Anonymous says:

    Sir, I scored 206 in jamb nd 230 in p.ume 4 pharmacy,do I have a chance of securing admission

    • Henry Divine says:

      I like the fact that you didn't ask me if you have a chance of securing admission into pharmacy. That said.
      With those two scores, You have a chance at being admitted into UNN, it all depends how wisely you are able to follow it through. Hope you got what I mean???

  83. Anonymous says:

    Pls can u tell us when unn will release their admission list

  84. Anonymous says:

    pls my jamb sore is 202 and postume score is 220 please any hope for Agric economic average is 211

  85. valour says:

    my jamb score is 202 and postume is 220 any hope for Agric economic

  86. milado says:

    plz sir i heard unn cut low 4 plp 4rm ebonyi state hw tru is dis plz reply

  87. milado says:

    plz sir henry i heard unn cut low 4 ebonyi state plz hw tru is dis

  88. JOYCEY says:

    Plz wht is unn post ume cut off mark…..got 180 for law……nt fair o….nd i wonda hw dy mark it….plz reply Henry Divine.

  89. Anonymous says:

    HD Pls My sister printed her p umte result. She scored 130 on d 2 subject n d remaining 2 r vacant. Pls advise me on what 2 do. Thanks in advance.

    • Henry Divine says:

      Send your complaint to support@gps-ng.com and be checking the result from time to time. If the mistake is not from your sister, the result will be released. But if this issue came up as a result of some careless omission(s) or commission(s) on the part of your sister, I'm afraid….

  90. Anonymous says:

    pls sir i need ur help,i score 223 in Jamb and 250 in pume,going 4 law do i hv chance of getting admission on merit.

  91. Anonymous says:

    mr henry i heard unn cut low 4 ebonyi state indegnz hw tru is dis

  92. Anonymous says:

    Plz sir, i got 271 in jamb and 240 in my pume wah r my chances of gettin med nd sug….cuz i heard only 45% of d candidates crossed 200 nd majority of dm are art students…..i will be xo glad to get a gud reply 4rm u…thnkx

  93. Anonymous says:


  94. Anonymous says:

    well done i score 205 jamb and 270 for post ume for mass comm,i knw am heading to UNN by God grace,wot ar my chances

  95. Anonymous says:

    I got 252 in jamb and 250 in post ume. Pls i need 2 knw my chances in pharmacy. I'm quite confused cause i dnt knw wat d cut for pharm dis yr wil b. Pls Henry Divine help us wit d statistics of wat we got. As in, so so so number within so so so score range got so so so score. Pls reply, pls…….

  96. Anonymous says:

    A friend med rehab 244 avrage kano.wat's his chance

  97. Anonymous says:

    HD well done.I just want to thank you for the good work you have been doing through this channel.I want to say that God will Bless you abundantly in Jesus name Amen.Keep it up.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Yep: for people in this forum that have their brothers or sisters taking ABSU post utme 2morrow or next there is good news for u. Take it from me (a) pray hard (b) read hard then (c) study ur Jamb past question paper from 2008 to 2011 thoroughly then get set for the exam. For people who wrote sciences check ur questions, it was drawn from Jamb thus physic 2011 no: 13-32, chemistry 2009 no: 1-20 and biology 2010 no: 17-36.Success. UNN fall my hands sha Jamb 245, pume 300 med/surg.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Pls Be Honest, do I get a chance of getting admission, scored 223 in jamb and 260 pume… med and surg… thanks in advance

  100. Anonymous says:

    Pls if ur result was not found n was later released after sending ur complaints 2dat email address pls let us know by calling or flashing me wit dis number 08032288080 God wil bless u abundantly as u do dat

  101. Anonymous says:

    God bles u sir henry

  102. destiny says:

    Mr. Henry thanks for making out your time to update us here…. I checked my result and i scored 230 in pume and 205 in jamb, i applied for history…. What do you think….. Thank you.

    • Henry Divine says:

      History is not a very competitive course. With 205 and 230 in UTME and PUTME, i think you've got some good chances at gaining admission. Just keep praying and trusting God for the best…

  103. ivy says:

    sir pls wots my chance of gettin admission in d merit list my jamb score 214 nd my post ume 22o going for buss admin

  104. Anonymous says:

    Any chance for me?????? I scored 150 in my post ume and my jamb score is 196….i applied for geology……pls reply

  105. Anonymous says:

    HD,plz i need ur reply,i scored 187 in jamb nd 170 in my post ume And i going for med. nd surg.,shud i be optimistic torwards getting Admission in UNN????

  106. Anonymous says:

    Mr.Henry Divine notwithstanding you are my name sake,my name is Divine Destiny,I must say that the good lord must bless you abundantly,i want to ask you my aggregate is 237.5 and am heading for Mass com wot ar my chances …..plz reply

  107. Anonymous says:

    Uncle HD,gud tns wl nevr dprt 4rm ur haus 4 ds wndr4l wrk u r doin here. Pls, wts my chnce in law; pume-210,jmb-202, elds candt. Tanks.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Pls Mr. Henry help me out of my coma! I scored 225 in jamb and 230 in unn post ume and heads 4 med/surg ve i any chance of gaining admission on either med or any other course in d merit list. I am from Ebonyi statei. Pls help me!!!

  109. Anonymous says:

    pls mr HD I scord 230 in my pume nd d problem is dat my dept nd faculty isnt dey ,yet am a 1st choice cand bt i wrote wit d 2nd choice cand. Cos of a problem wit d reg.pls wat do i do nw .am scared cos i dnt even knw wer i stand

  110. Anonymous says:

    mr henry, i scored 200 in post ume 204 in jamb, am going for economics pls what's my chance of getting admission??

  111. Anonymous says:

    I scored 203 in jamb and 240 in post ume I applied for microbiology pls what is the cut off mark and what are my chances of gaining admission

  112. destiny says:

    Thanks Mr. henry i appreciate your kindness, may God reward you bountifully

  113. Mr HD abeg no vex @all my problem be say unn de fuck up imagine me! Scoring 200 In jamb and 230 In post-ume after suspending all my daily activities even giving my gf break only to pass & gain admission dis year my average score is 53.75 I applied 4 med-sure de tin be say I wan make u tell me de truth (will I be admitted or should I look 4 shop in side ogbete Market) beside I don try!!

  114. Anonymous says:

    Gritins 2 u sir HD, my name is Lucky E.O, i scored 199 in jamb, nd 340 in d unn putme(9 mrks in each excpt bio 7mrks), applied med. Radiography. 4rm Abia state. 'm testifyin 4 God's gudnes. Sir HD, D strickind tin abt ds putme rslt ws dat som days 2 d exam, a frnd cald nd askd me NOT to score less than 340, i sed 2 him i wil do my best, similarly, whl in d campus i sat 4 putme mock orgnzd by 1 fellwshp in engr annex nd stil scord 340 in d mock.i 'v also ask dis rhetorical que: wat if unn had cut 200 as a requisite 4 d exam wat wld i v done? I giv GOD al d glory. Help me apprciate him. I luk forwrd to seeing my name in d merit list as it pleases d LORD.

  115. Anonymous says:

    Gud bles u sir, i want to knw my chances of getn admited into dept of eng and lit studies wit 212 jamb and 240 post ume tank u in antispation

  116. Anonymous says:

    What are my chances of getting admission with a jamb score of 224 and 180 in pume, course is philosophy??? Pls reply.. God bless u 4 spending ur time in helping others

  117. Anonymous says:

    Gudday Henry,i got 193 in jamb n 220 ptsume,whts my chance,Going 4 English Edu?.pls repily

  118. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir 4 hw many tyms wil sm1 use d unn result chekn card,cus av checked mine since lst week monday til yestday.bt nw showin me invalid access code am so confused pls help me out.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Uncle HD, I wil b elated if u devote a little of ur time to answer me. My UTME result was 246 and d PUME result 250. Please what r my chances of being on d merit list for medical radiography, my anxiety increases day after day. I appreciate ur gud work sir

  120. Anonymous says:

    I am so much happy for your effort keep it up sir.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Am scard of checking my result for utem bt i scored 239 in jamb

  122. Anonymous says:

    I got 235 in jamb and 260 in pume , please what are my chances for gaining admission into law this year ??

  123. Anonymous says:

    I got 208 in jamb, 220.in plume..pleas wat re my chances of bin admitted, course is combined arts….tanx

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