UNN 2013/2014 ADMISSIONS: Find Out if your Name is in the Admission List Now!

Any moment from now, the primary or merit admission list of the
University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN ) will be released on the school’s
official website and one of the national dailies (most likely, SUN News
As we all await the official release of the first batch admission list
and the announcement/advertisement of the courses available for shopping
for supplementary admission, you can ascertain if you have been offered
provisional admission by checking your admission status from JAMB
portal. Many have checked and known their admission status already. So don’t be left out…

How to Check your UNN 2013 Admission Status

Please note that this is meant only for candidates who scored above the school’s general post UME cut-off mark (180).

Simply log on to the Admission Status Checking Portal for 2013 by clicking here. On the page that loads, enter your Jamb Registration Number and click
Check Admission Status“. Your Admission Status will be made available to

If you have been admitted, don’t fail to share your testimonies either here on this website or on the FACEBOOK Forum.
For those who receive the “Sorry, No Admission is Given Yet!!!”
message, just keep checking the portal as long as the 2013/2014
admission window is still open.

Kindly share this with your friends to get them checking their admission status. Best wishes from yours sincerely, HD.


93 Responses to UNN 2013/2014 ADMISSIONS: Find Out if your Name is in the Admission List Now!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there any1 that has seen his/her name?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Thank God! I got d admisn 4 med rehab. Alom grace. Thank God after 4yrs of writing jamb.

  3. REONIZ says:

    Thank God finally its here wish success to all my friends

  4. Anonymous says:

    sir have they uploaded all?

  5. Anonymous says:

    i jst chekd mine nw nd its jst gud newz 4 me (admited to study pub admin) "may God bless u @ HD"

  6. Iloh victor says:

    O my God,i got admision wow..i cnt jst imagine dix..glory 2 jesus 4 makin my unn dreams a reality..father i tank u..words cant quantify my appreciation dear lord..all i hav 2 say is tank u jesus.,

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its true…..I always believe you HD.iv checked………………u knw wat I saw???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????you have been admitted!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    thank u Jesus my friend made lt as a med lab stdnt and l too made lt at unizik as a pharmacy

  9. Anonymous says:

    Am sooo hapi..pals help me nd tnk God ooo..i got admission into my desired course,mass communication..am so hapi. Nd tnks HD..ur past question helped alot too

  10. Anonymous says:

    i want to know whether 2nd choice result was released

    • Henry Divine says:

      2nd choice results have not been released. It sure would be out pretty soon. The same goes with an admission list bearing the names of successful 2nd choice candidates. So remain optimistic….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tank u sir

  12. Anonymous says:

    how about postgraduate students admission?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sir, i'm really happy the way you update us on the latest information, sir, you have been giving us hope that they 'll release second choice result which i'am one of the candidate & i've checked what i saw is ''sorry no admission yet !!!'' sir, question is that, will they release it before they officially release the admission list?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sir, i'm really happy the way you update us on the latest information, sir, you have been giving us hope that they 'll release second choice result before admission take place which i'am one of the candidate & i've checked what i saw is ''sorry no admission yet !!!'' sir, question is that, will they release it before they officially release the admission list?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank God.. I'm in the den..God factor beats all

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank God.. I'm in the den..God factor beats all

  17. Anonymous says:

    Pls mr HD, we as 2nd choice candidates in UNN,hav we been offered admission or does Jamb place a premium to release the admision status of only first choice candidates.i'm quite confused 4 the fact dat admission list of prospective students in UNN was released without even releasing the results of 2nd choice candidates, pls sir i want 2 know if 2nd choice candidates were included in UNN primary list,i'm begining 2 lose hope?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Pls, if it shows "Sorry, no admission yet!!" does it mean i hvnt got admission??

  19. Anonymous says:

    Lion n Lioness in d hus,pls help me Tnk God 4 his faithfulNess in my life.I Got It!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    What do you have to say about 2nd choice sir? Pls help i am getting frustrated

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sir i am pretty sure that UNN does accept 2nd choice i even saw their 2011/2012 2nd choice list in the internet but i havent seen any get admitted into medsurg.Again jamb said no admission yet when i tried to view my admission status same with other 2nd choice applicant..Pls what do u have 2 say sir?

  22. Nwachuks joancy says:

    Pls Sir HD…..i got 210 in jamb nd 260 in my pume….do i stand any chance ov being admitted for masscomm dis year??..i really nid to know d departmental cut off mark

  23. Anonymous says:

    Please those of you that were admitted is it unn that offered the admission or other schools?

  24. Xtopher says:

    Thanks to God almighty, thanks to all dos that helped me during the time of strugle most especially HD.. (Big ups 2 u).. My pume score was 180 and Jamb 219.. I least expected an admission not to talk of merit.. I've been admitted to study Architecture.. If u wana. Confirm here is my jamb reg no. 36065154IE..

    Words can't express my Joy and happiness..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sir pls help me,wen i 1st check my post utme result i saw everytin clearly and i score 250 bt nw wen i went back a check again i jst found out dat dere is nutin displayd and nw d addmission is list is out i checkd bt ws nt addmitd. Pls my questn is dis,is it dat dey ve tempered wit my post utme result dat made my name nt 2 appear on d merit list coz i ve an average of 215.19 for sociology and athropology. Pls sir i beg u pls reply me pls,sir pls

  26. Anonymous says:

    Pls no matter what ur admission status is, just tnk the LORD that u are here

  27. Sam Moore says:

    Finally, thank God that l and ma 8 frndz made med surg nd law lists God am gr8ful……. praise God

  28. Anonymous says:

    GOOD DAY SIR HD, HAS all departmental list been uploaded in jamb portal?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Halleluyah! I've chekd mine nd i'z given admission in2 UNN! Pals, join me in thanking God oo Dix is my 1st UTME & PUTME! Tnk God!

  30. Anonymous says:

    sir i checkd mine with all expectation of good news.but to my greatest suprise am seeing.sorry no addmision given yet.please i hope am on a safer side.God please help me

  31. Anonymous says:

    MY GOD, I THANK YOU oo… I have been admitted @Pub Admin…. Thanks Mr. HD for all the efforts u made in keeping us updated… LIONS & LIONESSES LETS ROAR!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Lion n Lioness in d hus,help me Tnk God 4 his mercy in my life.I Got It!!!,Education Art.

  33. linda says:

    OMG! Ohh thank you heavely father,my name came out in unn admission list..for those of you that have been checking on jamb site all to no aveil don't loss hope because mine was showing no admission yet on jamb site I felt like killing myself but I checked the school admission list and my name was the 3rd in my department. Thank Henry God bless you

  34. Anonymous says:

    it is real, I got it. I tak God almighty for admitting me, after so many years of struggling.

  35. Chinasa Zebe says:

    I just can't say thank you enough for dis benevolence! … My omni potent reigneth forever. My people i've been admitted into d den ooo!

  36. Anonymous says:

    thank you Jesus. God is wonderful thank you for the admission you have given me lord may all the honour adoration be onto your name amen.Thanks to sir HD and MCF UNN you all have been wonderful and God sent.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Henry please..my brother misplaced my pume result and checking scratch card..are the cards still available?pls help me..i nid it for my clearance..thank you

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    Sir i got 150 in post utme under biz admin wt 203 in jamb, i dont knw if i wil b admitted?

  40. Anonymous says:

    sir i got 181 in jamb and 270 in post utme…buh i didnt get admission..would there be a second supplementary list..?

  41. Ikem says:

    Sir i ws drasticaly glad 4 ur wonderful work to us frm d begining til nw,u multivated me starting frm ur sure succes an also ur advice to me, i am nw a lion by grace of God,bc any race dat is nt back wt grace wil end in disgrace,sir tnk u.wsh u long lif.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir wat is d departmental cut off mark 4 nursing

  43. Roselove says:

    PALS am happy for all of you that got admission by HIS grace and pray that the GOD that started this work in your lives shall see you all through! amen!!. and may HIS blessings extend to us who are patiently waiting for ours to be released!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    sir pls, where can i see the advertised courses.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Plz sir,my average score iz 200.5.i shoped in css.wit d folowing subject combination.eng.,lit,crk,nd govt.plz is my subject combination ok

  46. Anonymous says:

    hi HD i got 194 in ma jamb and 160 in d post utme do i av a chance of admission

  47. dawodu sophia says:

    do i have a chance of admission HD?i scored 194 in jamb 160 in postutme and i am a first choice candidate

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hi HD…..i got 170 in putme and got 195 in jamb….plz is there any hope 4 me?….or should i give up

  49. Anonymous says:

    sir pls i just partake in the unn direct entry off recent and i hav not check my result uptill now, due to the scratch card that is not available.sir i want to knw wat wil be likely to be the cutt off mark for this year direct entry,(2013/2014).

    • Henry Divine says:

      Thanks for writing in dear. It's surprising to hear that you are yet to check the result of your UNN DE screening exam. You are advised to do what you can to check it. That will enable you know your stand in case they announce the date for the interview. The UNN Direct Entry cut-off mark for 2013/2014 is 200.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Helo Henry.,i applied for an ijmb programme hopn to get admittd in unn for med nd surge.i don't knw if the result wil come out in the second list.

  51. Anonymous says:

    pls sir Henry,i score 189 in jamb and 250 in d post utme wit and average of 219.5 and i applied 4 sociology and arthropology bt i dnt it departmental cutoff mark. Sir my name is nt in d merit list so i shopped 4 CSS wit dis subject combination eng,econs,com and govt. Pls sir am i on d safer side pls?

  52. Anonymous says:

    pls sir wen z d unn second list goin to be out or z it Asuu strick dat z holdin it

  53. Anonymous says:

    Wheather admitted or not,2 God be da glory.4 wen their's life, their's hope.a shout 2 all of u dat made it.2 others,never lose hope,is steping stone 2 success.

  54. sir please am a second choice candidate. i havent seen my result not to talk of admission. i dont know what to do anymore am just so frustrated. please sir i need help

  55. Anonymous says:

    Sir, i got 247 as my jamb score and 200 as my post-ume score.
    I applied for (Fine/Applied art) and i filled UNN for both 1st and 2nd choice.
    Please i want to know:
    1) The cut-off mark for the course
    2) If UNN uses both Jamb and Post-ume or just Post-Ume
    3) If i stand a chance of getting admitted
    I'll really appreciate it Sir if you can reply me.
    Thanks and God bless.

  56. Anonymous says:

    sir, i don't know why i did not get admission. my jamb is 230, and my post ume is 200. unn is also my 1st choice. what is happening. my name is onovo ifeoma promise

  57. ugwu Abel says:

    sir, i scored 150 in my pume nd 211in jamb. I dont no whether 2 be admited

  58. ugwu Abel says:

    sir,wat is d cut off 4 indu.chem.department

  59. Anonymous says:

    philosophy I'm admitted Uniuyo

  60. Anonymous says:

    Wl t be posible 4 somebody 2 switch over or change from LIBRARY&INFORMATION SCIENCE 2 medecine&surgery after 1st yr sir?

  61. Anonymous says:

    I got 201 in jamb & 150 in post ume, pls is it possible for me to gain admission.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Hi mr HD wen wil unn branch in college of education ikere ekiti wil release their own admission list cos they r keeping us waiting pls sir I need a quick reply tanks

  63. peaceyinny says:

    hi HD i realy need dis admision, unn is my first choice nd i scored 196 in jamb nd 200 in pume nd no admin givn yet, pls wats d problem nd wat shld i do. cal me on 0706447369. d dpt is socio/anth

  64. Anonymous says:

    ion undstannd

  65. Anonymous says:

    Mine is 45971477HC, Pls help me out

  66. Anonymous says:

    i just want to thank God for giving me my dream course..mechanical engineering,may all honor and adoration be unto his holy name

  67. Anonymous says:

    Sir, when are they going to start selling ikere/unn 2014/2015 post-utme form

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